HRI was set up to answer the need for objective and thorough human rights investigations.

  • Internationalist and anti-racist
  • Empowering the poor and oppressed
  • Working for non-violent solutions to conflicts, social and political problems
  • Investigating human rights abuses which have not been brought to the public’s attention
  • Working collaboratively with like-minded organisations and individuals
  • Specialising in painstaking discovery procedures and dispassionate evaluation of information against a framework of international law

HRI aims to:

  • Identify perpetrators and protect victims
  • Establish the chain of accountability
  • Identify the vehicles to deliver justice and redress to the victims
  • Influence positive change in laws and practice
  • Draw attention to serious violations and accountability gaps
  • Mobilize action nationally and internationally to grant justice to victims

The ultimate goal of our work is preventing abuses or, at a minimum, mitigating and stopping violations when they do occur.

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