About Human Rights Investigations

Welcome to Human Rights Investigations

HRI is focused on investigating human rights abuses which have not been brought to the public’s attention and also to act as a watchdog for other human rights organisations.

HRI is internationalist in outlook, focused on the human rights of the poorest people, dedicated to peaceful resolution of conflicts and not afraid to take on the rich and powerful.

HRI believes in empowering and giving a voice to the poor and oppressed and in working collaboratively with like-minded organisations and individuals.

HRI specialises in painstaking discovery procedures and dispassionate evaluation of information against a framework of international law.

What is the point? We aim to:

1) Identify perpetrators and protect victims
2) Establish the chain of accountability
3) Identify the vehicles to deliver justice and redress to the victims.
4) Influence positive change in laws and practice.
5) Draw attention to serious violations and accountability gaps,
6) Mobilize action nationally and internationally to grant justice to victims.

The ultimate goal of our work is preventing abuses or, at a minimum, mitigating and stopping violations when they do occur.

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