Libyan Civil War

Open Investigation: Cluster bombs in Misurata

We are currently investigating the cluster bombing of Misurata on the 14th April 2011. The sources for the original story are Human Rights Watch and the New York Times. The specific individuals to make the initial allegations were Fred Abrahams, a special advisor for Human Rights Watch and C.J. Chivers of the New York Times.

The story has subsequently been repeated as a true version of events by all the major news agencies, newspaper and television stations around the world.

The culprits identified are the Gaddhafi regime the Spanish government and the manufacturer of the MAT-120 munition, Instalaza. The accepted theory is that Instalaza exported the munitions to Libya in 2008 and it was Gaddhafi’s forces, using mortars, who fired the munitions into residential areas. Only Ghaddafi’s regime has challenged this interpretation of events.

This narrative is essentially unchallenged in the media and human rights community and will form the basis for an escalation of the violence in Libya over the coming days.

We have compelling evidence that the conventional narrative should be challenged and will be releasing the preliminary investigation shortly.

We ask our esteemed readers to provide any material relevant to our investigation.

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