Cluster munitions Libyan Civil War

Cluster Munitions in Libya – an update

To paraphrase The Dude – More information comes to light:

“In 2005, a Spanish company announced that it was going to co-produce with the Finnish defense company Patria a 120mm mortar projectile with submunitions. In 2006, Patria advertised a 120mm mortar projectile that contains 21 submunitions, stating that the dual purpose submunitions contain “electronic fusing…which involves both self-destruction and self-neutralization features, guarantees zero risk of dangerous duds.

During the Dublin negotiations in May 2008, Finland said that it was in the process of acquiring electronically-fuzed cluster munitions from a Spanish manufacturer.  However, there is no indication that a production line was ever opened up, and the deal was cancelled in light of Spain’s decision to sign the Convention on Cluster Munitions.”

via Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor.

Patria are, for those paying attention, the company who produce the AMOS and NEMO mortar systems. The Spanish company is, of course, Instalaza.

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