Ahmed Wali Karzai and the rape of Afghanistan

Ahmed Wali Karzai, the second biggest heroin dealer in the world and NATO’s top man in Kandahar (as reported by Craig Murray ) has been killed by his head of security, Sardar Mohammed, in an operation claimed by the Taliban.

NATO's heroin dealer in Kandahar - Ahmed Wali Karzai - dead. Photo by ISAF Public Affairs (U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Mark O’Donald/Released)

It says a lot about NATO ‘policy’ in Afghanistan that the death of this warlord is a major blow to their campaign.

Ahmed Wali Karzai was a kingpin in the Afghan heroin trade, which has been a massively profitable enterprise for those involved – although little of the money is seen in Afghanistan, let alone by the farmers. So the $1 billion a year smuggled out of Afghanistan to Dubai, and reported by the Washington Post, represents just the tip of the iceberg.

Patrolling Afghanistan's poppy fields
Whilst we are pondering NATO’s mission to “protect civilians” by preparing the way for ethnic cleansing in Libya, it is worth remembering the lessons of Afghanistan and we highly recommend our readers to watch Carmela Baranowskas’ brilliant “Taliban Country,” which points to some of the inherent contradictions in that campaign.

This film shows US officers listening to one of the then provincial governors, Jan Mohammed Khan, a warlord on a smaller scale to Ahmed Wali Karzai. The governor, talking to the US officers, says of one of the local boys who has just been apprehended by the joint US-Afghan force:

“We’ll take him with us for a few nights, he will keep us entertained. ”

The film shows local villagers, forced to flee the country or join the resistance as the US forces ally themselves with rival tribal militia commanders. It also shows a “head of civil affairs” who, despite the billions poured into the country, is unable to muster the resources to save a dying Afghan child, brought to him by a local villager and in need of basic vitamins.

Here is the film – its long but well worth watching.

So it would seem that a few questions should be asked of the US enterprise in Afghanistan regarding how the mission is:

  • “fighting corruption in the Kabul government” by bribing many of its officials
  • “fighting to extend the rule of the national government” by arming and funding its local militia rivals
  • “fighting the war on drugs” by arming and supporting the world’s biggest heroin dealers
  • “expanding democracy” by supporting a President who stole the election
  • “winning heart and minds” by denying infants the most basic health care
  • “securing the future for the children of Afghanistan” by giving carte blanche to the world’s most active paedophiles

Update 18 July 2011 – Jan Mohammed Khan – the warlord mentioned above, was assassinated on 17 July by the Taliban

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