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Lynching in Benghazi

Human Rights Investigations has been investigating the use and consequences of racist propaganda in Libya and this has led to the examination of video footage of atrocities committed in Benghazi, Libya.

Today HRI reports on the lynching of a man by rebels in Benghazi. Our hope is that the death of this man will inspire people to take action for peace.

To paraphrase the Black Star News, we hope that we don’t live in a world where the lives and deaths of black people are so debased that everyone turns a blind eye.

We will describe the video in detail – the description is graphic.

The frame below is taken from early in the footage of the lynching and shows the window used (the one with the arch):

Lynching in Benghazi (Still from video below)

The below photo from Al Jazeera (creative commons licence) shows the Libyan rebel media centre, part of the Benghazi Courthouse which now houses the rebel council and its leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil.

Benghazi Rebel Media Centre, Prison and Government Headquarters

The window from which the victim is strung up is the first ground floor window on the left of the Al Jazeera photo, the one with the arched top, between the door and the lantern to the right.

Here is a picture of the “internet room” (again from Al Jazeera) in this building from which the rebels spread their propaganda about “African mercenaries”.

Benghazi rebel internet room

This building will be familiar, of course, to the many journalists who have passed through ts doors, seeking stories for publication.

The footage of the lynching shows a large crowd in front of the rebel HQ, many holding up mobile phones to photograph/record the action. Two men, one in a yellow top with a hood and another with a brown top, yellow T-shirt and jeans haul the victim up to the window and tie him up to the bars by his feet as the crowd chants “Libya Hurra!”

As the camera comes closer to the window, we can see the victim – he appears to be a young, adult, dark-skinned man. He is bound by the feet and hanging from the bars, wearing olive trousers with no top. His back has three wounds and his face and arms are covered in wet blood. There is blood on the wall behind him. There is movement of the victim’s head and shoulders which indicates the victim is still alive.  There are further chants from the crowd.

The victim is then attacked by a young man with a beard wearing a striped hat who makes a number of attempts to decapitate the victim with a sawing motion of a sharp blade.

There is further movement of the victim. The man with the striped hat delivers three blows of a blade directly to the victims face.

A second man then strikes the victim on the neck twice with a long bladed knife. There is a throttled scream.

As we have said, this is a very disturbing video.


We are not yet able to identify the victim. However, some of the perpetrators as well as witnesses are identifiable. Please provide any information on this incident.

Our hearts go out to the victim and his family and friends and the people of Libya. God willing, his death will not have been in vain.

We ask our readers to contact news organisations to demand they cover this story and to contact politicians to ensure that the rebels, amongst whom are clearly a significant faction equivalent to Al Qaeda /the Ku Klux Klan, are not supported in taking control of any further population centres.

40 replies on “Lynching in Benghazi”

Rebels,nato and qatari forces has bn involved in human genocide in libya.racism is the one part of human genocide.In future sectarian and tribal genocide to emerge out in libya.I think itz all that nato has already planned.

I’ll have to look again, but I presumed the victim was already dead. He’s not bound, and putting up very little fight, considering. He’s either dead or near it, heavily drugged. This is an important distinction, so I’ll re-watch and re-consider it.

Another interesting aspect I didn’t realize ’til a reader tipped me off – the time frame. I thought it was from the early chaotic days, but in fact it seems to b late March or early April. I’ve seen no video posting prior to April 7, and on March 28, night time, a truck with caged “mercenaries” – captured in Bin Jawad, in concert with NATO – rolled up amid a huge crowd in that same spot. Seen briefly, a row of at least four black men sits at the bottom of the cage.
For details and vid link, see:

Unless that proximity is a coincidence, one of those men is apparently the one we see here. The fate of the others, unknown. Either he was killed by an uncontrollable mob that night, and the dozens of videos were somehow held back for a week before one was leaked, or he was arrested, tried perhaps, and handed – by the authorities – back to the mob some other night prior to April 7 for this public disassembly.

Truly disturbing. Keep up the good work.

I managed to track down a copy posted March 30 by RT Arabic.

All others I saw were from a week or more later. So it looks like their captives were killed within quite short order of being driven in.

How soon ’til the new Libya is offered a seat on the UN human rights commission?

He’s not heavily drugged, muslims do not ‘drug’ their victims, he is probably already dead or beaten so badly he can no longer fight back. Perhaps you should have been reading what’s been going on in Libya the entire time before you reply. The rebels shot black immigrants in the beginning of their shit rebellion because they complained about their living conditions at a squalid camp near the ocean where they were waiting for ships that would take them to their home country.

Why is it an important distinction if he was dead when they strung him up? Another thinig you apparently know nothing about is the fact that the term ‘lynching’ no longer refers to simply hanging someone. It is when a crowd of people mobs up and kills a person. The majority of the time the person is dead prior to being strung up. The ‘lynchings’ I’ve seen in Haiti, the man was dragged by the neck through the streets (alive) beaten with boards, then set on fire while alive. When muslim mobs ‘string somebody up’ they are almost always dead prior to the hanging, and believe me, they probably would have preferred hanging to the methods used to kill them prior to the hanging which often include removal of genitals, eyes gouged out, stabbed numerous times, burning, and disemboweling.

So you read one article or saw one video, and now assume every black man they kill is the same as the four in that one media you saw? The word ‘uncontrollable mob’ in an islamic country is an oxymoron. They don’t try to control the mobs. They are like a fucking hive mind. You actually believe they put any of the people they catch ‘on trial’ ? LMAO ridiculous.

I did not read anything about the c a r p e t b o m b i n g here. Is this unknown here?

Mahdi Nazemroaya on GRTV a global research Journalist, was in Libya two months from July-August said at

8:35 he reports the war crimes of NATO(bombing residential areas, water supply, hospials, food stores, schools, University broadcast buildings etc.) +at 18:05
11:30 NATO mercenaries in Libya: usa brought in Al Qaida, France: foreigner legion, UK:
13:06/ 13:30 transitional council people said it was the USA who brought in Al Qaida. Libyans do not want the islamists, but the US wants them and is controlling them.
18:05 he personaly saw bombed Hotels, restaurants, Gaddafi’s home and at a NATO bombed house outside Tripoli, that later was shown as “destroyed by Gaddafi troops in Al Arabya, desite they did know that NATO was it.

22:37 The red cross told me about 3 0 0 0 d e a t h s w i t h i n t w o d a y s i n T r i p o l i m o s t l y f o r m N A T O . T r i p o l i i s d e m o l i s h e d and looks far worse than Sarajevo.

24:00 massive rape, foreigners did deliberatly fuell fighting and hate on both sides by showing brutal rapes and beheadings,
28:28 Tripoli conquering strategy: i n f r a s t r u c t u r e d e s t r u c t i o n a n d s u p p l y c u t o f f a n d t h e n m a s s i v e c a r p e t b o m b i n g

Wow that’s a lie. The rebels were trained and supplied by Al Qaeda. It is well known the Libyan people did not want islamist take over, but, that didn’t stop NATO from helping the ‘rebels’ bring ‘democracy’ to Libya. Al Qaeda was already in Libya. The REBEL leaders have already announced they will eliminate any law that violates sharia law, including laws that protect women. And that was the TRANSITIONAL government speaking, you know, the same ones who were already trained by Al Qaeda, and the same ones who have already moved tons of armaments to the Palestinians.

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