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Tawergha no longer exists, only Misrata

Tawergha has been taken by rebel forces from Misrata, according to a report by Andrew Simmons for Al Jazeera. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has not been giving any context to the battle for Tawergha, so most viewers will be entirely ignorant of the significance of this event.

Rebel forces from Misrata, including one of their commanders, have long threatened to wipe Tawergha off the map, ethnically cleansing its inhabitants.

The report from AL Jazeera shows at least one of the large residential blocks in Tawergha alight, prisoners packed inside a freight container (who the rebels didn’t want filmed), an injured man in civilian clothes and the rebel fighters evicting one of the last civilian left in the town (an Egyptian woman who has lost her 9 children under 12 who ran away during the attack.)

Loyalist prisoner in Tawergha

The last remaining civilians and defenders of the town are reportedly surrounded. Andrew Simmons even failed to challenge the palpable nonsense claimed by the rebel commander he interviewed that only rifles and no heavy weapons were used in the assault on Tawerga:

The apparent fall of Tawergha was also reported by Orla Guerin of the BBC who also, disgracefully, failed to give the ethnic cleansing context despite actually interviewing Ibrahim al-Halbous, the very commander of whom the Wall Street Journal reported:

Ibrahim al-Halbous, a rebel commander leading the fight near Tawergha, says all remaining residents should leave once if his fighters capture the town.  “They should pack up,” Mr. Halbous said. “Tawergha no longer exists, only Misrata.”

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Is that freedom, protecting people – put them in a container? no camera – why not?
please investigate this crime!

Criminal armed gangs exist everywhere in the world. The big difference in this case is that these murderous racists are being backed by by the political leaders of some European countries and the U.S . and by NATO airstrikes. These last ones destroy the defences of libyan cities, leaving them vulnerable to be looted and cleansed by those violent bloodthirsty criminals . My heart bleeds with the libyan people.

[…] 0 As our regular readers will be aware, we have been reporting on the fate of the people of Tawergha since the local rebel commander Ibrahim al-Halbous, said he was going to wipe the town off the map. We reported the storming of the town, with NATO support, and the extremely worrying reports of prisoners in shipping crates and the people of the town being “handed over to the red cross,”  which they weren’t (see ‘Tawergha no longer exists, only Misrata’). […]

[…] Beschrieben wird Tawergha, eine Stadt 20 km entfernt von Misrata, von Menschen entleert, nur noch von Rebellen kontroliert. Die ursprünglich schwarzen Bewohner dieser Stadt, schwarze Libyer und schwarze Gastarbeiter, sind ausnahmslos geflohen, wenn sie nicht verhaftet oder verschleppt wurden. Ihre Häuser sind mit Worten, wie „Sklave“ oder „Neger“, beschriftet und niedergebrannt. „Tawergha is no more“ – so das zitierte Resüme der Rebellen. Aus anderer Quelle (Human Rights Investigation) wird berichtet, dass bereits vor der Einnahme der Stadt die Vertreibung aller Einwohner und die Auslöschung der Stadt erklärtes Ziel der Rebellen war (siehe hier). […]

That’s a shame… a damn shame on hthe rebellion against Ghaddafi. Saddens my heart. All we can hope for, I guess, is that such atrocities don’t spread. Hopefully the shame spreads faster than the hatred…

[…] matadero ; 20 – La cobertura de la BBC de Libia ; 21 – Bombardeo de Zlitan por la RAF ; 22 – Tawergha ya no existe, sólo Misrata ; Por completo los artículos originales con decenas de videos muy gráfica ir a las […]

United Nations… nothing more than the United States’ diplomatic arm. It’s function as the United States lawyer has been obvious since it’s foundation. How could anybody who can see through it’s facade support such an organisation?

If you’re American you are excused but anybody else has no excuse.

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