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Martin Luther King’s message to Barack Obama

As Libyan rebels, who have been lynching black people in the north of Libya, prepare to attack the south and Sabha, inhabited by black libyans, we hope this message from Martin Luther King finds its way through to Barack Obama.

If the rebels, who have Al Qaeda links and have already been rounding up black people in Tripoli and NATO are allowed to launch military attacks on the south, racial atrocities are inevitable.

However, the USA under Obama could prevent this happening as the rebel proxy army and  French and British air attacks on the black people of southern Libya depend on US military logistical support.

As John Nagl of the Center for a New American Security, a Washington-based think-tank says in NATOsource:

“We’ve learnt that Nato is unprepared for even relatively simple  operations without appreciable American logistical support.

(New video link 23/01/2013 as previous video unavailable.)



5 replies on “Martin Luther King’s message to Barack Obama”

This article is very true and what have we learned from our past history …
The killing the destruction and the raping of other coutnries continues
and we must be silent or face the consequences once agian..
Truths are being deleted twisted and have been sold nothing but LIES to continue the conquests at other countries civilians expense…
When will PEACE AND TRUTH PREVAIL in our corrupt society of social slaves ?

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