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Why did Barack Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize?

This question has us completely flummoxed. Can anyone explain?

9 replies on “Why did Barack Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize?”

President Bush was already going to be out of office due to term limits. Please clarify your answer citing accomplishments which may have led to his winning this award. The 2009 nominee list for this award had numerous people on it who were civil rights activist from various countries where it is quite dangerous to be such. Barack Obama on the contrary seems to have won the prize because he won an election. Even the President himself has said he does not feel he deserved the award.

May be because he can do the talk but not the walk, or is it because liberal whites wants extinguish their conscience of previous wrong doings, One thing for sure it diminishes the award, Peace now equals war in Libya, Afghanistan and what’s next?

They wanted to set the tone for a hope of a more peaceful world. They failed. He is kidding about the advantages of drones now.

Because it’s all rainbows and ponies. The man promised the world, then he sat on his backside and played politics. That’s all he’s done for the last three years. It’s easy to tell people what they want to hear. It’s much harder to deliver on your promises.

Do not forget, that the Nobel prize commttee is a foundation of DYNAMIT NOBEL. Of course they know which person will contribute most in future for rising dynamite sales figures and give them the peace Nobe prize. At least in this case with war lord Obama who claied to stop Iraq war and began two new wars (Libya and Syria) they did make an excellent choice.

Possibly Ron Paul will be the next peace dove. Finally any US president is good for war and bomb sales.
We should check how many office doors are between the marketing department of the DYNAMITE NOBEL and the nobel prize committee – if they not do cover the relations.

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