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Libya – The Racist Revolution – Tawargha

As our regular readers will be aware, we have been reporting on the fate of the people of Tawergha since the local rebel commander Ibrahim al-Halbous, said he was going to wipe the town off the map. We reported the storming of the town, with NATO support, and the extremely worrying reports of prisoners in shipping crates and the people of the town being “handed over to the red cross,”  which they weren’t (see ‘Tawergha no longer exists, only Misrata’).

We relayed the reports from Diana Eltahawy of Amnesty International about the inhabitants who managed to flee being persecuted in Tripoli.

Andrew Gilligan, a reporter from The Sunday Telegraph, now reports from Tawergha:

This pro-Gaddafi settlement has been emptied of its people, vandalised and partly burned by rebel forces. The Sunday Telegraph was the first to visit the scene of what appears to be the first major reprisal against supporters of the former regime.

“We gave them thirty days to leave,” said Abdul el-Mutalib Fatateth, the officer in charge of the rebel garrison in Tawarga, as his soldiers played table-football outside one of the empty apartment blocks. “We said if they didn’t go, they would be conquered and imprisoned. Every single one of them has left, and we will never allow them to come back.”

Andrew Gillighan is a serious reporter and he even mentions the racial context:

And as so often in Libya, there is also a racist undercurrent. Many Tawargas, though neither immigrants nor Gaddafi’s much-ballyhooed African mercenaries, are descended from slaves, and are darker than most Libyans.

Along the road that leads into Tawargha, the Misurata Brigade has painted a slogan. It says, “the brigade for purging slaves [and] black skin.”

We have to say, the racist element is more than an undercurrent, but if more journalists had reported the truth rather than turning a blind eye, refusing to report or to investigate then perhaps lives could still be saved.

In this context we should just mention the “reporting” of so-called journalists such as Chris Stephen who has been in Misrata for weeks writing pro-war, pro-NATO propaganda for the benefit of the Guardian’s readership and failing miserably to report on the racist atrocities and ethnic cleansing.

Update (12 September) – The Washington Post reports Human Rights Watch Emergencies Director Peter Bouckaert as confirming:

“It really is racist violence against all dark-skinned people, this situation for Africans in Tripoli is dire.”

Update (14th September) – The ethnic cleansing of Tawergha is now being made permanent with the seal of approval of Mahmoud Jibril.

Please click here for a comprehensive update on the Tawergha

32 replies on “Libya – The Racist Revolution – Tawargha”

NATO Rebels must be punished for their attrocities & crime against humanity. All the leaders of NATO & USA must be brought before justice as they violated UN resolution and all the international laws & helped rebels by arming in order to facilitate this crime.

Is this a site for supression of freedom and demokraty?
I couldn´t find a sign of the tyrannic reepression in syria, Israel, China, North Korea?
This is a really awful site!!!

What Eric is trying to say is that he sees no reason to focus on Libya, even tho libya is the focus of the moment!He’d rather is we all went off to the US’s official villains of Syria China and DPK..tho why he included israel is any0ne guess! Sorry eric but some of us see what US/NATO is doing in Libya IS worth focusing upon.

NATO has unleashed a pack of mad dogs to murder and terrorize Black Africans. This is the best policy they found to stem African immigration into Europe!!!

people of misrata are known to be racist all the time even before revolution they are using media to show them as heros but they r only group of disgusting racist groups and they did nothing in the war against alqaddafi force but waching guys of darna, werfalla and special forces fighting to free the city….and now they r denying and doing awful actions even inside the city….poor tawergha ppl…i am sorry for you…tawergha ppl are the boor neighbours of very rich misrata.

Where was this Human Rights Invistigations when Libyan unarmed protesters were killed with cold blood ?? and when Pro-Gaddafi forces was torturing, raping and killing Libyan civilians? and it was only because they asked for their own freedom.!! and in case you are unware of this : most of the volunteers who were sent to suppress the people of Misurata were from the town of Tawargha..!! they were only sent to kill the locals of Misurata.
so in my opinion what happended to Tawargha is so predictable. “an eye for an eye”.

Dear Morad. Not a single of your allegations is true, including the one of any “unarmed protests” ever taking place in Libya, at least the way it was reported in the West. (You’ve forgotten to mention Qaddafi’s ordering to “bomb protesters from the air” and distributing Viagra to his loyal forces so that to alleviate “ordered mass rapes”). The mainstream Western media seem to have forgotten all those “atrocities” by Qaddafi as they forgot the “reasons” for invading Iraq.

ikari muaamaar is my father I have lived with this horror for many years now and I think you speak the truth especially about the so called Viagra tablets given out to tawergha men to commit mass rapes…………….it never happened and as with Iraq the problem the west now has has been caused by hatred of people of colour and different religeons now we all suffer in the uk all of us.Isis is the mode of revenge……….

there was never any evidence the tawergha or any black men raped women or harmed anyone in any Libyan city!!!!! they simply were hired to suppress revolt and told people which we saw on tv it was filmed go home don’t stay on the streets of Benghazi..sound advice……….this is lying then we read they were being showered with gold luxuries by gadaalfi…..their city was a luxury area when in fact it never was so more lies…….jibril is now fnaa meurte…………

More and more Black People speak out against horrible Acts of Racism by Rebels from East Libya. Black people are mass slaughtered by the rebels, Africa is getting more and more angry each day.. Black people in Eastern Libya are led in the butcher houses like catle, hanged on the squares, their heads are cut off, their naked dead bodies are driven around on pick-ups for show off, black children are raped and mutilated, their fingers cut off..
Africa will not tolerate Racism on their continent..

I love Gaddafi as he his fighting against the world’s imperialisation countries, depending on struggler libyans who know very well that this is a plan to neocolonialism , and his vey high popularity in libya and all the arab countries ,and before and after all this depending on Allah WHO will support him and defend him from the enemies if Allah wish. All of us so the russian military expert report which ensure that there is no any signs of bombing from any military planes or helicopters at Bengazi which means that it was just well made scenes by Jazeera channel ((film scenes)).Libya before Gadaffi was just desert ,libyan people were very poor serving the colonist living in tents, spestos structures units, when he freed libya from the colonist with the support of ALLAH and the struggler libyans he built New Libya and was keen to do his best to make libya a heaven with the support of ALLAH and the libyan people, he made a river which costed a lot and was a world well known project to secure water to every part in libya. Then Gadaffi gave the General committee the authority of every thing even putting and depositing the ministers i.e. he gave the authority to the libyan people. All of us know that the consumer durable in libya was cheap and they take high and moderate salaries that means the % of poverty in libya is lesser than any arab and europian countries. Now france will steal 35% from the libyan oil , and Italy will take 15% and U.S.A and Britain and Qatar and U.A.E will also take % from the libyan oil + Nato war crimes destroyed libya with 30,000 bomb from it there is more than 5.000 uranium bombs till the date 2-9-2011 as they are trying to destruct and genocide the libyan civilizations because they know very well that most of the libyans support Gadaffi and libya from the traitorous and the colonists. for example they bombed Sert during the Eid prayer and 1000 civilians were dead , then at the day 2-9-2011 they bombed Sert 8000 bomb. Also the libyan transition council stole the money of the Bengazi Banks “i.e the civilians money ” and put it at their own accounts’ in Banks in Cairo and Alexandria, as well as buying a lot of residential buildings and filla’s to here own families in Cairo and Alexandria. Also the ‘ Russia today news” said that the CIA sent 1500 person from ” alkaida” at Afghanistan to libya, they gave the military government of Tripoli to one of the “alkaida” leaders. Also the daily telegraph newspaper said that ‘ Albada and Darna’ are colony by “alkaida” after the date 17-2-2011. It also made interviews with them. So that will be a good reason for unstability savety and staying of the imperialism in libya and plundering its wealth from oil ,gold, and even antiquities (as they did at Iraq) + implementing the agreement between Israel and the transition council to make the green hill ( at east libya) for Israel military forces in return to help Israel the protesters with some military aids , and force the countries to recognize the transition council . And it is well known that Gadaffi never made even an Israel embassy. Because Israel is the colonist of Palestine. Also “Daily telegraph newspaper” took some photos near the western hill in libya showing the protesters throwing at the treasurer some civilians that they killed to spread diseases by the water.I have a lot to say about Gadaffi but as much as I say will never be able to speak fully about him. I am Egyptain and I LOVE GADAFFI as he has popularity not only in libya but allover the world ….see also is video

Dear finally someone to speak the truth, first of all i think you should change ur name. secondly it’s too Obvious you’re living outside Libya because you’re still in denial and i don’t blame you cuz it’s really hard to believe that a President or as he calls himself ” The King of Kings of Africa ” could suppress and kill his own people the way he did using SOME “African” mercenaries and another foreign ones as well as his own battalions.
And those african mercenaries came by their own will to kill the Libyan civilians.
what is happening in Libya has nothing to do with Racism.!

The only ‘african’ mercenaries are those from Egypt and Tunisia aiding freedom loning NATO to massacre the libyan resistance. Gadafi never called himsefl the king of anything. A gathering of african chiefs gave him an honorary title in recognition of all the good he has done for africa! So thats another LIE from Person of the LIE , Morad, thats been shown to be a lie. Thats the soert of person who backs the insurgents: racists, liars, frauds, murderers.

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If the arabs there are opposed to black skin then maybe they should leave Africa and return to their homeland?

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