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Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama, Al-Thani and the suffering of the children of Sirte

The background to the video and image below is the ongoing bombardment of Sirte by NATO aircraft in support of the rebel brigades who are indiscriminately firing tank, mortar and artillery shells into this urban, civilian-populated area. NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has refused to comment on why NATO is not fulfilling its UN mandate to ‘protect the civilian population.’

Using bombs inside a densely populated urban area is a war crime, although NATO commanders (such as Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard and Admiral Stavridis) and their friends in the arms industry will claim otherwise.

On Saturday 24th September, according to UK military spokesman Nick Pope, the RAF bombed what it called a “psychological operations centre” which is NATO NewSpeak for an opposition TV or radio station inside Sirte:

On the following day, Sunday 25th September, ‘a formation’ of RAF Tornado GR4s attacked targets within the city:

The horrific video below shows a 1 minute slice of the horror visited upon Sirte, where little children are being mutilated, killed and Libya’s future destroyed in the interests of the war-mongers, the egos of NATO leaders, the profits of arms companies and improved access to Libyan resources.

The footage from Ibn Sina hospital in Sirte is an indictment of the western political class, wedded to militarism and war, funded by arms companies, protected by a war-mongering media and oblivious to the consequences of their policies. Indeed, this video was filmed hot on the heels of Sarkozy and Cameron celebrating the rebel ‘victory’ in Benghazi at the site of the lynchings of black men in that city.


The United Nations reaction to the assault on Sirte shows how dysfunctional this organisation has become. On 7 October 2011, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative Ian Martin said in a news release:

“Libya’s revolution is based upon the demand for human rights and dignity,”

“I appeal to all to respect the calls made by the National Transitional Council (NTC) that there should be no revenge even against those responsible for war crimes and other grave violations.”

“This will lay the foundation for national reconciliation and the future unity of the people of Libya.”

Of course, the idea that the Libyan revolution is based on demands for ‘human rights and dignity’ whilst the rebels are in reality engaged in widespread racial atrocities, ethnic cleansing and lynchings of black people is simply Orwellian.

The United Nations must be aware of the report issued on 30 September by Human Rights Watch, (since reinforced with a more thorough report from Amnesty International ) which shows clearly, that the rebellion, rather than marking a new era of respect for human rights, has been instituted a reign of terror in Libya with widespread and documented use of illegal detention, electric shocks and other torture.

The consequences of the NATO bombing have included a reported 100,000 deaths, millions of refugees, a country fragmented into fiefdoms, ruled over by groups of undisciplined mobs fighting one another for power, with millions of people robbed of their basic human rights to security, food, drink, medical care and shelter.

Phan Thị Kim Phúc after being napalmed by the South Vietnamese air force during the American War in Vietnam. June 8 1972. Photo by Nick Ut

It is so sad that, nearly 30 years after the iconic photograph was taken of Phan Thị Kim Phúc after her village was bombed, a new generation of Western leaders have learnt absolutely nothing.

It remains to be seen if the mainstream media picks up on these images, as it did 30 years ago, or if it has been entirely neutered, as we fear.

Below is an image from the footage:

Child victim in Sirte. 25 September 2011

The crimes against humanity in Libya have required the participation and complicity of a large number of people. But the chief responsibility lies with the political leaders involved in pushing for war and the use of military force at every stage of this conflict: President Barack Obama, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister David Cameron.

The video in this post was first uploaded to YouTube on 9 October and is part of a collection of videos from inside Sirte and Sirte hospital. The image above was taken by HRI from this video.

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The libyan government offered UN-supervised elections and ceasefire. Why NATO & its rebel do want a decision by killing instead of elections?

They do bomb and shell libyan towns since month and do kill many many children and ciVilians:

massacre of civilians and children in Zlitan
Nato Massacre at vegetable market in TRIPOLIS
NATO bombs residential areas in Sirte
victims of NATO & Rebels in hospital of Sirte

Schools in Sirte bombarded!

“NATO-Rebels looted cars in Tripolis: or robbing

As horrible as that footage is,it is a daily occurance and is in fact the real face of western foreign policy and as such it should be aired on the evening news.Maybe then people will feel strongly enough to become proactive in straitening out their so called elected representatives?

I can’t stop crying after watching this,… how can this be happening? What happened to these two girls? Does anyone know?

You aren’t alone in that feeling. We will try and find out what has happened to these children and their parents. Lets hope they are receiving lots of care and love – and their suffering will help prevent others suffering similarly in the future.

“It is so sad that, nearly 30 years after the iconic photograph was taken of Phan Thị Kim Phúc after her village was bombed, a new generation of Western leaders have learnt absolutely nothing.”
Sorry, but they have learned absolutely everything. That everything being that never again should such a photograph be allowed to enter mainstream media with such an effect on public opinion as it had then. Now the western countries all have so-called embedded journalists with their troops, and each spends millions on public relation firm perception managers to supervise such reporting and presentation. The Libyan bombing-coup has seen the absolute pinnacle and end result of this strategy, with seven months of bombing, over 9.000 bombing raids, and not one single photograph of its result seen in western electronic or print media. As I say, sorry, but they have learned absolutely everything;and as Julian Assange rightly said in Trafalgar Square a week or so ago, the silent and complicit journalists now are to be numbered among the war criminals.

I’m not a doctor, but do you think the girl with the mouth injuries survived? I can’t stop thinking about her. Is there a way to help them through Red Cross or some other organization?

The ICRC has been trying to evacuate patients due to the dire state of the hospital and the town.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Wednesday that the situation of a major hospital in the Libyan port city of Sirte was “desperate” due to fierce fighting.

“The staff of the International Committee of the Red Cross evacuated a total of 25 war-wounded and other patients from Ibn Sina Hospital in Sirte between October 10 and 11,” said an ICRC statement released in Beirut.

“The situation inside the hospital is very chaotic and distressing,” said Patrick Schwaerzler, the ICRC delegate in charge of the evacuations from Sirte.

“When we arrived there, we found patients with severe burns and shrapnel wounds. Some had sustained recent amputations. A few were half-conscious. They were lying among crowds of other people who were also asking us for help,” Schwaerzler added.

He added that the hospital had been partly destroyed and was not functional any more.

This was the fourth time since the beginning of October that the ICRC had entered Sirte for humanitarian tasks, the statement added.


We’ll update here as soon as we know more.

This is really sad, when does saving lives means taking lives, This is more reason why the UN security must be reform, the countries that may have objected to the massacre do not have the power to do so, African Union led by South Africa failed, Barrack Obama though with African/black heritage must be ashamed that he failed to take a stand against people that will commit ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans/Africans. In a true democracy the interest of the minority should be respected, i.e Sirte. The main stream media deafening quiet as they are aware of the benefits (oil) to the countries economy, I will call this blood economy, How can they say Gaddafi is bad when they committed far worse atrocities- Mistrata v Sirte?

Apoyaremos de una forma u otra para que lleven a una corte internacional por estos crimenes hacia familias y en especial a los nuños!!!
We will do anything in order to take the NATO people and I hope the presidents of UK, EUA, Fra. Italy, Canada etc. for war crimes against the families and the children of Lybia!!!
If we can send any money to help please start a fund for this and unify International lawyers to take them to court!! or make a case!! it´s so frustrating all of this!!! we humans can talk and the war should not be use as final tool, war should be out the negociations when innocent people is in the middle of this!!! Saludos a todos and hope the chldren will get better

I fear this are only samples.
I have found this war crime of use of weapons of mass destruction which seemes to be virtually nowhere reported. Not to mention that an independed investigation is one the way.

English – somewhat overworked machine translation form the Algerian original article in French language:

Libya – NATO used FAE bomb Thermobaric weapon

Posted on 18/10/2011 at 15:36 – 5900 visits
Libya – NATO used FAE bomb

ALGERIA ISP / Zengtena as it is with real sadness to announce the death of 1200 civilians and patriotic in Bani Walid. The NATO planes bombed the area of the airport and the military factory with a bomb FAE “Fuel Air Explosive”, nicknamed “poor man’s atomic bomb.” It’s a scary bomb blast that sucked all the oxygen around the impact area of 2 square km, suffocating and all patriots and civilians in this area.

Among the deaths are martyrs of Sirte, the Libyan Tarhouna, Khomsa, Misrata, Bani Walid and other regions.

NATO wants to end this war quickly especially after the CNT announced through the media lies the town of Bani Walid fell.

Make sure that the Libyans will never let their green cities in the hands of these traitors and NATO.

— end of article —-

some more details about the incident can be found in an German article:

wikipedia explanation

The more critical organisation Humanrightsinvestigations HRI wich is a very good alternative for parctically humanitarian war mongering organisations like HRW or AMNESTY did till now not report about this:
Iinformed them right now.

I hope ALL the people who got injured will make a full recovery. I too would like to know what happened to the 3 little girls in the films. It is important that graphic films such as these do get published and spread around for all to see as horrible as they might be. I believe that most people in the UK would find these images abhorrent, but you have to remember that it isn’t the ordinary man in the street making these problems, but our governments.

Not much of a fair fight in a civil war Daffy Ghaddafi on one side and the rest of the world on the other. He got smoked so now what? More $billions into that part of the world? Who won? Was it the Islamic fendamuntalists or Libyan moderates or American CIA or Big Oil or ,,

Yes we are all responsible all of us suburbanites driving around our SUV’s to go shopping at the mall. It makes me sick to see so many obese and overweight people here in America driving around in their gas guzzling cars eating like gluttons at the mall food court.
Meanwhile Obama. Sarcozy, Cameron and others are going for a land grab or I should say a continent grab i.e. Africa! Better get it before China.
Our ignorant masses here in the US are happy just as long as they have gas in their cars and restaurants to eat at and a computer for their Facebook page along with a cell phone to text messages all day ad nauseum. People here have no clue they would not even know where Libya is on a map. The corporate owned media has us dumbed down and quiet. As long as nobody sees these horrific images there is no war going on anywhere in the world.
The powers that be want to keep their people happy by giving them what they want gasoline for their cars otherwise they know that without oil our societies would collapse.
Instead of asking people to conserve and to preserve and to not waste and to make sacrifices so that we don’t have to go bomb places like Libya our governments continue to use military force to get what they want no matter if people have to die and be sacrificed.
That is what is wrong with the West.

I absolutely agree.Western people need to wake up damn fast to what is being done on their behalf to preserve thier “way of life”.History is a very cold reminder that what goes around comes around…

Please do something conect with this people and …. We Have to do something
Here is articela and autors –
The law case of the century: Indictment against NATO military and political leaders – >
21.03.2011. Tens of civilians killed on 31st of March in Gharyan city in western Libya (video)
07.04.2011. — NATO bombers killed 15 rebels and wounded 22 on the outskirts of Brega.
20.04.2011. TRIPOLI NATO Bombing The Libyan Arab Association For Human Rights (video)
27.04.2011. — NATO attacked the city of Misrata, killing 12 people and wounding 5 others
30.04.2011. — The bombing of the Downs Syndrome School in Tripoli (video)
30.04.2011.— NATO killed inocent civilinas: The youngest son of our great leader Saif Al arab gaddafi was only 29 years old, grandchildren of our Great Leader, Saif Mohammed Muammar Gaddafi was one year and 3 months (born on 30 January 2010) , Carthage Hannibal Muammar Gaddafi was 2 years and 9 months old (born on 2 August 2008) and Mastura Humaid (daughter of Aisha) was 4 months and half (she was born on 15 December 2010) (video)
09.05.2011. — 600 civilians are reported dead after getting into trouble on thier boat. They send urgent SOS messages to NATO, but they were ignored (video)
13.05.2011. The 11 imams (spiritual leaders of Islam) that were killed. The imams were killed in a NATO bombing in the city of Brega (east), which also injured about 50 people. (video)
17.05.2011.—The NATO attack on Libya’s Anti-Corruption Agency on May 17 was extremely convenient for some Westrern politicians (video)
12.06.2011. — The bombing of the University of Tripoli. Death toll not yet established. (link) or photo evdence
15.06.2011. — At least 12 people were killed and two injured when a NATO air strike hit a bus Wednesday evening in Libya’s Kikla city (video)
19.06.2011. — 9 civilians were killed by a NATO air strike on Tripoli (video)
19.06.2011. — Massacre of Al-Hamedi family 15 civilians, including 3 children, were killed by another NATO air strike on Sorman (link)
19.06.2011. — Firetracs was bombed (video)
22.06.2011. — The bombing of the Great Man made Waterway irrigation system, which supplies most Libyans with their drinking water. Water for 4,5 million INOCENT CIVILIANS IN LIBYA (video)
22.06.2011. — Zliten – many civilians were chopped into pieces. (link)
28.06. 2011. — NATO air strike killed 16 civilians (one whole family killed) and more than 20 injured in public market in Tawergha east of Misurata (video)
04.07.2011. — NATO bombing civilian checkpoint in ZWARA. (video)
17.07.2011. — Multiple urban areas were bombed simultaneously this morning. Anywhere from 60 to 75 bombs may have been dropped mostly in the areas of Tajura and Seraj, according to eyewitness reports. (video)
23.07.2011. — The bombing of the factory which makes the pipes for the water system, and the murder of 6 of its employees.
24.07.2011. NATO bombing cattle and poultry project in Torghae city (video)
24. 07.2011. Libya war: NATO Press Briefing, 15 civilians are dead in Tawergha (video)
24.07.2011. —The bombing of the Hospital at Zliten. Resulting in the murder of a minimum, of 50 civilians many of them children.(video)
25.07.2011. NATO bombed food storage in Zlitan.(video)
25.07.2011. — 20 civilians were killed by NATO air strikes in Bir al Ghanam. (video)
30.07.2011. — NATO warplanes also repeatedly bombed a Libyan television station, killing 3 and injuring 15
02.08.2011. — Law School In Zlitan (Zliten) (video)
04. 08.2011. — Woman and two children (video)
07.08.2011. — NATO bombed today the vegetable market in Tripoli (link)
08.08.2011. — Libya: NATO MASSACRED 85 CIVILIANS: 33 CHILDREN, 32 WOMEN and 20 MEN (video)

I am commenting after a very long time because I have just come across this video on youtube . I can’t believe that this video hasn’t gone viral or wasn’t covered extensively by news websites . This is the most horrific crime that I have ever seen happen to a child and it’s a bigger crime that it is being neglected. I am so desperate to find out about what happened to the poor child .

Were you able to connect to whoever were in this video ? Do you know what happened and whether these children are still alive ?

We have to help which ever way we can . I am writing after 5 years but even if after 20 years , something like this should never be forgotten.

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