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Blowback in Benghazi

14 months ago we reported on the lynching of a black man by a racist mob at the rebel HQ in Benghazi and HRI was amongst the first to document how race hatred was being deliberately stirred up in order to further the NATO/militarist agenda.

At the time we warned of the rebels, “amongst whom are clearly a significant faction equivalent to Al Qaeda /the Ku Klux Klan.”

Today, in a classic example of blowback, we hear the US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, who ignored the atrocities being committed at the time indeed boasting in this US Embassy video, of
having the honour to serve as the Libyan envoy to the Libyan opposition during the revolution(sic)
has been killed at the hands of an Islamist militia in Benghazi, along with three other Americans and up to 10 Libyans, as the new consulate was sacked and burnt down and the safe house they fled to was also attacked.

(Video by

On this occasion, the Benghazi mob were inflamed by a deliberately inciteful film called the “Innocence of Muslims” produced by a self-described “Israeli-American businessman,” (actually an unspeakable idiot based in California called Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) a trailer of which was uploaded to YouTube with Arabic subtitles.

In addition the Benghazi islamists were looking for revenge after receiving video confirmation from Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri that Abu Yaya al-Libi, who was al-Qaeda’s number two and whose brother was a senior figure in the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, had been killed by a US drone three months ago in Waziristan. After the protesting crowd claimed to have come under fire from the consulate grounds up to 400 attackers turned their weapons against their US suppliers, trainers and benefactors.

This should be a lesson to those who have been arming, funding, sending Al Qaeda fighters, supporting and propagandising for sectarian civil war under the false banner of “revolution” in Syria.

It should also be a lesson to those such as Human Rights Watch who advocate for human rights under the banner of NATO “humanitarian intervention” and who today are actively supporting rebel militias in Syria as they decapitate prisoners, terrorise the population, bomb hospitals and use prisoners as unwitting suicide bombers.

3 replies on “Blowback in Benghazi”

You are correct, yet this serves the hate & war agenda very well by suggesting to those who pay little attention to reality (the vast majority) that MUSLIMS IN GENERAL are their enemy. Which was certainly the purpose of the gang of right- USians, Jewish and Christian, who made this (very cheap and poor) film. Will this serve the Obama or the Romney campaign, and does it much matter?

The attack was planned by Islamist long in advance.

It is revealing how the operation mirrors the attacks on February 16th 2012. The common feature is the coordination of ‘peaceful’ protest with violent armed attacks and assassinations.

Clinton’s little “shocked” speech yelling “we liberated them…why would they do this. we had nothing to do with that film….etc” was so opposite of her vile vulgar remarks at death of Gaddafi. It’s a sad day when politicians decide the worth of human life. No wonder militia groups take the same privilege for themselves. Nothing seems correct about this Libya mess and I highly suspect it was high level Libyans in combination with some USA people who allowed or planned Stevens death as “a man who knew too much”.

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