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Bradley Manning wins the Guardian Person of the Year 2012

Bradley Manning has won the Guardian Person of the Year with a landslide 70% of the vote. Bradley was nominated by readers Michael Meo and M Henri after the Guardian’s editorial staff failed to pick the obvious people’s choice.

In nominating him, Michael Meo said:

I nominate Bradley Manning. He has maintained his stance for democratic use of information, despite immense pressure put upon him physically, morally, and psychologically, by his superiors in the armed forces up to and including the President of the United states.

M Henri said:

Bradley Manning, who after blowing a very necessary whistle, has survived yet another year of cruel and unusual pretrial punishment at the hand of the US military, which was designed to break him psychologically….

In second place was Malala Yousafzai with 22.


We will continue to campaign for Bradley who is a whistleblower and human rights defender who exposed war crimes and whom we demand should have all charges against him dismissed, not least due to the abuse which has been inflicted on him in pre-trial detention.

This vote illustrates that, for what he has done and for what he is enduring with great fortitude, Bradley is not just an American hero but has become a figurehead for the campaign against state cruelty, war crimes and government secrecy the world over.

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