F1 and history of Western complicity in Bahrain torture

As FI begins in Bahrain, in an attempt to normalise the al-Khalifa regime, it is worth remembering that Western, and particularly British complicity in torture and repression in Bahrain goes back a long way.

Here is a film from Carlton called “Blind Eye to the Butcher” from 2002:

Ian Henderson died on Sunday 14th April 2013 having escaped justice.

The Bahrain Human Rights Centre reports that a crackdown is intensifying ahead of this weekend’s racing.

Former Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner John Yates is currently overseeing the “reform” of the Bahrain security services.

Formula one torture

2 replies on “F1 and history of Western complicity in Bahrain torture”

Have you heard that the many (400?) LEOPOARD tanks Germany wants to deliver to Saudi-Arabia will have a special equipment for urban warfare?
Since Saudi-Arabia regularly comes to Bahrain to crash down Bahrain protestors this may be an serous issue.
Killing by foreign troops is always easier than trying to let kill people by the own military.

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