Edward Snowden Surveillance

Edward Snowden’s first TV interview

Edward Snowden, speaking from hiding in Russia to German TV station ARD, discusses the threats against him by anonymous US officials and the wider responses to his revelations of major violations of human rights by the NSA and the national security state.

Snowden reveals seeing Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lying to Congress was the point at which he realised it was his duty to blow the whistle on the secret intelligence operation to gather all electronic information on everyone.

The documents released by Snowden expose what can be described as a Orwellian plot by the intelligence services to extend the reach of the state into everyone’s personal lives.

Snowden, who is ex-CIA and ex-NSA, is a whistleblower par excellence and deserves the support of all those who value freedom. James Clapper and the NSA, on the other hand, have been pursuing a scheme which puts the Stasi to shame – and the sooner they are properly held to account for their wrongful actions the better.

Interview in full:

One reply on “Edward Snowden’s first TV interview”

Threats against him?
HE is the threat to the rest of the world. Traitor. Nothing but traitor. If you have something to say – go on Fox News, they would welcome you with anything that ruins Americas reputation and humiliated President. Murdoch Media is like Snowden – against America and everyone who doesn’t put Israel above everything else. But, I salute how they do that – yes they are traitors but they do that openly. Why FBI, CIA and the rest of America allow this its different story. How Putin deals with Traitors? You are invited to a friendly “radioactive chamomile” like that Russian Spy in London just a few years back.
Lets face it – every country spy on every other country, it was always like that – only America has Snowden. As long as Snowden and Snowden-like goes unpunished, America will continue to deteriorate.

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