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More on the MH17 investigation and Ukraine’s misinformation

More information has emerged, proving that elements of the evidence produced by Ukraine on the events around the downing of the MH17 flight are clear misinformation.

The Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) version of events can be seen on this link. Various pictures and a video provided by the SBU have formed the basis of much of the “evidence” in this case. In many cases the original source of the information (the SBU) has not been clear and the photos have been presented as the results of independent investigation or left obscure.

According to the SBU version of events rebels drove a Buk anti-aircraft missile launcher or launchers into Ukraine, shot the plane down, and then drove back to Russia again.

We pointed out one weakness in the evidence for this scenario as the photo of one of the alleged Russian buks turns out to be a Ukrainian one. We showed a video proving that yesterday.

Now an earlier photo of the same buk and trailer, matching the picture of the alleged Russian buk 312 provided by the SBU has been found – on a Facebook page of pro-Maidan deputy Egor Firsov, uploaded in March, stating clearly that it is Ukrainian:

The original of the picture which the SBU wrongly claimed is a Russian buk
The orginal of the picture which the SBU wrongly claimed is a Russian buk

Original Facebook page:

It is worth noting, that whilst Ukrainian authorities have clearly provided misinformation, Russia has produced satellite photos of Ukrainian buks.


I have geolocated this location to an area 17km south-west of the MH17 crash scene, ie to Zaroschens’ke, where the Russians say it is.

The location of the Ukrainian BUKs is only a short distance from the location from which the USA says the missile bringing down MH17 was fired.


The USA is yet to produce anything in the way of evidence or data.

There is a clear focus in much of the Western media on the most blatant propaganda. which seems aimed at distracting people from demanding the authorities reveal what they know and help discover the truth about this matter.

Some of the ridiculous propaganda also seems, frankly, to be aimed at producing such a level of hatred and distrust of Russia that a proper investigation becomes impossible.

We suggest our readers help inform the media (particularly in Holland and Malaysia) about the scandalous misinformation being provided by Ukraine, which is totally unacceptable. Dutch politicians should demand a full explanation from Ukraine and for the Ukrainian authorities to reveal the genuine movements of all buks and aircraft on Ukrainian territory on 17/07/2014.

Update 22/07: Video showing buk 312 from March
Update 11/08: Route map from Zaroschens’ke to Snizhne.

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