War on drugs

Kill the Messenger – How the CIA financed a dirty war by selling crack

Gary Webb (1955-2004), the investigative journalist who reported cocaine trafficking by the CIA in 1996, is portrayed in the motion picture, Kill the Messenger, by Jeremy Renner which is released this month.

Gary Webb was a founding professor of the School of Authentic Journalism and an editor at Narco News

Here is an introduction to his story, a story which will tell you a lot about the CIA, government conspiracies, about race in the USA, about the US elite’s dirty wars, about the corporate media establishment and about what authentic journalism really is:

You can read “Dark Alliance: The Story Behind the Crack Explosion” by Gary Webb in its entirety on this link.

Alternatively you will be able to watch the film soon at the cinema – and here is the trailer:

Looks like being a proper human rights film.

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