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“Russian soldiers disguised as civilians” – cover for the planned executions of civilians in Kherson?

As previously reported by HRI, Ukrainian military authorities have drawn up lists of civilian “collaborators” in Kherson for “disposal.”

It seems part of the cover for the planned executions will be that there are Russian soldiers in the city disguised as civilians and the first one captured is allegedly identified above.

The idea of Russian soldiers disguised as civilians appears to originate with the Ukrainian authorities themselves and is being spread by propaganda accounts on social media, by Yahoo News and Western journalists working for outfits such as Deutsche Welle and the New York Times.

This media campaign bears many similarities to the “black / African mercenary” myth which served to legitimate and encourage executions and ethnic cleansing in NATO’s Libya operation.

It is worth noting that in the Twitter post shown above, a document is held up “proving” the person whose eyes have been taped and who is being humiliated by the Ukrainian soldier wearing the totenkopf is a Russian soldier in civilian clothing.

However the document is a Soviet-era document, with a hammer and sickle in the red star, demonstrating nothing more than that the captive was born in Tashkent and was once in the Soviet army.

It is worth noting that, according to a pro-Ukrainian account, lists of “collaborators” which are being circulated by Ukrainian authorities are mostly of social service providers and so 75% are women.

Many on these lists are apparently teachers who continued to teach children whilst under Russian rule.

To date those planning to kill civilian “collaborators” have been able to count on the silence of the Western media on the planned executions and to the active participation of elements of the Western media in spreading the £Russian soldiers in civilian clothing” cover story.

In another echo of Libya, it also seems there has been little to no action to date from international institutions such as the ICC and the UN Human Rights Council and if Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International do say anything about these planned executions of civilians, it will again be too late.

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