HRI was set up to answer the need for objective and thorough human rights investigations.

  • Internationalist and anti-racist
  • Supporting the poor and oppressed
  • Working for non-violent solutions to conflicts, social and political problems
  • Investigating human rights abuses which have not been brought to the public’s attention
  • Working collaboratively with like-minded organisations and individuals

HRI aims to:

  • Identify perpetrators and protect victims
  • Establish the chain of accountability
  • Identify the vehicles to deliver justice and redress to the victims
  • Influence positive change in laws and practice
  • Draw attention to serious violations and accountability gaps
  • Mobilize action nationally and internationally to grant justice to victims

The ultimate goal of our work is preventing abuses or, at a minimum, mitigating and stopping violations when they do occur.

Who funds you?

HRI receives no funding from organisations, governments, trusts or foundations, though may seek funding to expand in the future – which we will disclose here.

Individual donors are welcome to use the Paypal donation button above. HRI will not disclose the names of individual funders on this web site unless they make a donation of over £5,000.

How is HRI run?

HRI is independent, non-partisan and currently run on a voluntary basis. Although HRI has charitable purposes (human rights) income does not currently meet the threshold for registration as a charity in the UK.


The impetus for the foundation of Human Rights Investigations was a disillusionment with the mainstream human rights organisations (Amnesty and HRW) during the Libyan war, especially with their failures to conduct transparent research, acceptance of a pro-war narrative and failure to defend the people of Libya in general and the Tawergha in particular.