Editorial Policies

Our editorial policies are under development and subject to change but this is where we stand at present:

1) Posts

As HRI investigations are ongoing we will often update posts to reflect new information received or revaluation of evidence or in the light of comments.

Where we make substantive updates we will aim make a note of the update in the comments section or at the foot of the text.

Where a post needs major revision we will usually write a new post and provide a link from the old post to the new one.

When updating a post we will always be mindful of ensuring that comments already made retain their integrity.

The more important posts are made sticky and kept at the top of the home page.

2) Comments

All comments are read prior to publishing and we screen comments on a regular basis.

We don’t publish all comments for a number of reasons:

a) We don’t publish spam or items that are repetitive, racist, meaningless or otherwise offensive.

b) We don’t publish comments which will be of no interest to our readers.

b) Sometimes we receive a comment which we feel requires further investigation on our behalf, or sends our investigation in a new direction – we may decide not to publish a comment for this reason, so please don’t feel offended.

c) Comments that are irrelevant to the investigation at hand might not be published.

d) Feel free to contact us to amend your comment, either before or after it is published.

Publishing a comment doesn’t imply that HRI agrees with or approves of the point made.

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