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“Russian soldiers disguised as civilians” – cover for the planned executions of civilians in Kherson?

As previously reported by HRI, Ukrainian military authorities have drawn up lists of civilian “collaborators” in Kherson for “disposal.” It seems part of the cover for the planned executions will be that there are Russian soldiers in the city disguised as civilians and the first one captured is allegedly identified above. The idea of Russian […]

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Ukrainian Military Administration says death-lists of civilian “collaborators” have been drawn up.

The Head of the Kherson Military Administration has said that a list of collaborators has been drawn up for when Ukraine retakes control of Kherson City, with those on the list facing mandatory summary execution, a clear war crime which puts those aiding the Ukrainian war effort in legal jeopardy for aiding and abetting war […]

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The Navalny case – swimming with vipers

Summary: As there are similarities between the effects of organophosphate poisoning and of certain snake venoms, it should be investigated whether Alexey Navalny’s poisoning, unlikely as it seems, may have been the result of envenomation. Reports in the media and by witnesses suggest that around 11pm (local time) 19th August Navalny went for a swim […]

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The Navalny case – Part One – Novichok evidence overview

In this article I will briefly discuss the information regarding Alexey Navalny having been poisoned with a member of the so-called Novichok family of nerve agents. This is important to understanding the case as a whole but not very interesting for the general public. So I’m not going to try to raise expectations here – […]


Coronavirus serological study for Gangelt

We have been crying out for serological population studies for the current coronavirus epidemic which can greatly help properly inform governments, health professionals and the populace on the spread of the virus and the appropriate measures to take. Whilst such a study is being undertaken by the UK authorities at “NHS Porton Down” (with 3500 […]

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BBC Idlib double tap air strike report – a study in war propaganda

The BBC have replied to HRI’s initial complaint about their “Idlib double Tap Air Strike Russia says never happened” report, failing to apologise or issue a retraction whilst strengthening the case they have used faulty OSINT and deliberate video fakery to make the case that Russia was responsible for an alleged double- tap air strike […]

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Maarat al Numan – double tap or BBC fake?

With Al Qaeda on the back foot in Idlib, certain Western journalists haven’t lost their will to use the situation in the province for a bit of Russia bashing and many seem unconcerned that their efforts are ill-thought out and ridiculous as we see in this recent instance. A few chosen journos (such as Alex […]

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The Engineering Assessment of Two Cylinders Observed at the Douma Incident

The Engineering Assessment of Two Cylinders Observed at the Douma Incident has come to light after communications between the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media and OPCW staff members. Below is the introduction from the WGSPM and a link to the document: “In our Briefing note on the Final Report of the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission […]

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Abdel Hakim Belhaj to receive UK government settlement – what about the Tawergha?

The terms of a settlement between the UK government and Abdel Hakim Belhaj over his rendition and torture case are due to be revealed today. the treatment of Belhaj and his wife, who were kidnapped in Thailand and flown to Tripoli on a CIA plane in an operation involving former foreign secretary Jack Straw, Sir Mark […]

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The Douma chlorine gas cylinder valves

This is a note on the Douma gas cylinder valves which are obviously important to the Douma investigation.