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How to leak a document, photo or video?

Wikileaks are not currently accepting submissions as they are trying to build a more secure infrastucture.

Openleaks is a promising new project but still not operational.

Al Jazeera have a new transparency unit which looks quite secure – and as mass media go Al Jazeera may be a good choice as they are prepared to go where other outlets might not. However, Al Jazeera is Qatari owned and on some issues (for instance the Libyan conflict) their reporting is distinctly one-sided.

Generally speaking news outlets try and protect their sources, but nothing is 100%.

Email addresses and contact forms are not secure from snooping.

Obvious precautions a “leaker” could take would be not mentioning the leak to fellow employees, using an untraceable email address from an internet cafe and not taking their mobile phone with them whilst engaged in the act.

Thought should be given to the nature of the leak and which outlets are likely to investigate and publicise the information and which may sit on it.