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Whistleblowers perform an essential public service

Whistleblowers perform a vital public service exposing government complicity in torture, terrorism, corruption, war and other human rights abuses.

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Bradley Manning wins the Guardian Person of the Year 2012

Bradley Manning has won the Guardian Person of the Year with a landslide 70% of the vote. Bradley was nominated by readers Michael Meo and M Henri after the Guardian’s editorial staff failed to pick the obvious people’s choice.

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Dismiss all charges against Bradley Manning (American hero)

Bradley Manning is a whistleblower, human rights defender and worthy recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. Yet powerful forces in the US state are working to lock him up and throw away the key. The vindictive nature of his incarceration is exposed in the defense motion to dismiss the charges against him for unlawful pre-trial […]

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Ecuador grants political asylum to Julian Assange – a victory for human rights

In this era where most governments seem intent on dismantling human rights, it is pleasing to be able to praise the government of Ecuador for their decision to grant political asylum to Julian Assange.

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Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International fan the flames of conflict in Syria

A major thread running through the story of the Libyan conflict has been the information war – propaganda spread by intelligence agencies, military, media and political groups designed to encourage hatred, conflict, war, foreign intervention, death and destruction. One sad aspect of the propaganda war has been the role played by Amnesty International and – as […]


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Russia Today on today’s Julian Assange extradition hearing: The European Commission has criticised the way the European Arrest Warrant is being abused by some states and demanded that the procedure is only used “when a surrender request is proportionate in all the circumstances of the case.”