Instalaza Notice regarding MAT-120 and Finland

Zaragoza, January 2005


The Finnish Defence Forces have selected the Spanish 120 mm Mortar Cargo Round “MAT-120”, developed and produced by the Spanish company INSTALAZA S.A., in order to be adapted for its specific needs. Minor modifications will be implemented to the projectile in order to be fired with the Finnish 120 mm Advanced Mortar System AMOS, developed by PATRIA WEAPON SYSTEMS and the other 120mm mortars used by the FDF. The modified round will be produced by co-operation between INSTALAZA S.A. and PATRIA WEAPON SYSTEMS. The contract was signed at the end of 2004. The MAT-120 mortar cargo round incorporates SELF-NEUTRALISATION, a total-safety feature of the electronic fuzes of the sub-munitions permitting a real 0.0 % hazardous dud rate. The MAT-120 munition fully meets the Ottawa Agreement Protocol II. It was type-classified by Spanish MoD and is currently in service with Spanish and other Armed Forces.

via Noticias.

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