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Is Obama supporting genocide in Syria?

Speaking to Jeremy Bowen in Damascus, the Deputy UN Envoy to Syria, Mokhtar Lamani, has said that in Syria we are “not only talking about the humanitarian situation which is almost a catastrophe” but sectarianism which is frightening with “the possibility of having a large genocide, it’s there.”

Syria War crimes

Syrian ‘rebels’ publicly execute Alawites in al-Raqqa

On March 4, 2013, ‘rebel’ groups overran government forces in al-Raqqa city, the first provincial capital and only urban center to fall to the armed groups since the start of the Western-backed insurgency in Syria. According to the Institute for the Study of War, “al-Raqqa serves as an important test case for how the opposition […]

Al Qaeda Barack Obama Syria

Obama recognises Al-Nusrah as Al-Qaeda, SNC as the legitimate representatives of the Syrian people. SNC stands with Al-Nusrah.

On the 11 December the US State Department finally officially recognised that Jabhat al-Nusrah, which constitutes the shock troops of the Syrian rebels, is in fact an alias of Al-Qaeda in Iraq: