Cluster munitions Conflict in Libya

Updates from CJ Chivers

CJ Chivers of the New York Times and to a very limited extent Human Rights Watch (HRW) are now seriously engaging with the Human Rights Investigations probe into the cluster bombing of Misrata. The first indication from HRW (after weeks of trying to elicit a direct response) was a tweet from the Mary Wareham: Will […]

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Destroying Misrata to save it

The US Navy forces involved in the operation to seize Misrata come under the spotlight as part of the ongoing HRI investigation into the cluster bombing of Misrata. The main ships involved from the United States Navy – ie “supporting Operation Unified Protector, off the coast of Libya” on the 14th and 15th April are […]

Libyan Civil War

Open Investigation: Cluster bombs in Misurata

We are currently investigating the cluster bombing of Misurata on the 14th April 2011. The sources for the original story are Human Rights Watch and the New York Times. The specific individuals to make the initial allegations were Fred Abrahams, a special advisor for Human Rights Watch and C.J. Chivers of the New York Times. […]