Freedom of Information

Edward Snowden exposes the Orwellian state

The big news is that, in the words of George Orwell “Big Brother is Watching You” – indeed everyone’s online communications are being constantly monitored and stored by the US Security Services.

Human rights Torture War on Terror

Secret CIA black sites and globalizing torture

Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Central Intelligence Agency embarked on a highly classified program of secret detention and extraordinary rendition of terrorist suspects. The program was designed to place detainee interrogations beyond the reach of law. Suspected terrorists were seized and secretly flown across national borders to be interrogated by foreign governments […]

Libya War crimes

US Intel Officers coordinating airstrikes on Ghazaya

Evidence of US intelligence agents being directly involved in the battle in Libya is provided by American photojournalist Derek Henry Flood: Strangest part of day was encountering US intel officers who appeared to be coordinating airstrikes on Ghazaya. Not thrilled to see me. — Derek Henry Flood (@DerekHenryFlood) July 28, 2011 Ghazaya is up in […]