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The big news is that, in the words of George Orwell “Big Brother is Watching You” – indeed everyone’s online communications are being constantly monitored and stored by the US Security Services. Continue Reading…

Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Central Intelligence Agency embarked on a highly classified program of secret detention and extraordinary rendition of terrorist suspects. The program was designed to place detainee interrogations beyond the reach of law. Suspected terrorists were seized and secretly flown across national borders to be interrogated by foreign governments that used torture, or by the CIA itself in clandestine “black sites” using torture techniques. Continue Reading…

Evidence of US intelligence agents being directly involved in the battle in Libya is provided by American photojournalist Derek Henry Flood:

Ghazaya is up in the Nafusa mountains:

The rebels in the Nafusa have shown a penchant for looting and killing prisoners, so it isn’t surprising these Americans weren’t too keen on being rumbled up there.

Its worth remembering that in passing Resolution 1973 the Security Council mandated protection of civilians:

while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory, and requests the Member States concerned to inform the Secretary-General immediately of the measures they take pursuant to the authorization conferred by this paragraph which shall be immediately reported to the Security Council

It is doubtful that the presence of these intel officers has been reported to the Security Council and even more doubtful that it would be approved, given that Lebanon’s speaker stressed that the text would not result in the occupation of “one inch” of Libyan territory by foreign forces.