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Gaza today – 20 died in this blast say medics

This photo from AFP sums up what is happening in Gaza and the lawless and murderous nature of the latest Israeli assault on Gaza.

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NATO bombs the Great Man-Made River

It is a war crime to attack essential civilian infrastructure. 95% of Libya is desert and 70% of Libyans depend on water which is piped in from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System under the southern desert. The water pipe infrastructure is probably the most essential civilian infrastructure in Libya. Key to its continued function, particularly in time […]

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UK military chief and war crimes

War has a tendency to slide towards genocide and General David Richards, Britain’s chief of the defence staff, illustrated that over the weekend. The general said he wanted Nato member states to support the targeting of Libyan infrastructure: “The military campaign to date has been a significant success for Nato and our Arab allies. But […]