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UN report on chemical weapon use in Syria – delayed until early December

In a surprise announcement, following this writer’s prompting of a question from the invaluable Inner City Press, the spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General has confirmed that the publication of the final UN report on chemical weapons use in Syria, which was to include the alleged attacks in Damascus as well as possible attacks by the […]

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NATO bombing of Sirte: the new Guernica

According to NATO’s own figures, Sirte has been bombed with 340 “key hits” from 25th August to 16th September. (we have been tracking the official NATO numbers in War: what is it good for – absolutely nothing.)

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Please help stop the NATO bombing in Libya: email campaign

Human Rights Investigations supports the email campaign to stop the NATO bombing in Libya, to prevent massacres such as we have already seen in Zlitan and NATO supported ethnic cleansing in places such as Tawergha and to protect the people of Sabha, Zlitan and the south of Libya from further death and destruction. Take just a few easy steps […]

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International Commission of Inquiry investigating Human Rights violations in Libya

The International Commission of Inquiry investigating Human Rights violations in Libya ended field visits to Egypt, Libya and Tunisia on 29 April. HRI has already submitted information to the United Nations regarding the use of cluster munitions in Misrata. HRI will be submitting further information.